The "TEAM AR" team consisting of Rıdvan Çakıcı and Furkan Sezgin, the students of the same department, supervised by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sırakaya, a faculty member of the Computer Technologies Department of the KAEU Vocational School of Technical Sciences, made it to the finals of the TÜBİTAK 2242 University Students Research Project Competition. The “FenAR” project, which participated in the competition under the thematic field of “Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality” in the education category, was qualified for the final after the detailed evaluation stage.

The Project Aims Better Comprehension of the Subjects Via Augmented Reality 

FenAR Projects aims to develop an augmented reality application for the "Systems in Our Body" unit of the 6th graders' Science Course. The two-dimension images in the books are considered insufficient for the comprehension of the subjects fully, therefore, the augmented reality application "FenAR" is expected to provide the required assistance for the problem. Students and teachers will be able to use the app for free on their smartphones or tablets while the app is developed compatible with the books given by MoNE. Via the FenAR app, when the image on the book was scanned with a mobile camera, the body part or the system (such as skeletal structure, circulatory system, heart, lung, liver, etc.) is animated. So that the students will have the opportunity to examine and comprehend the "Systems in Our Body" unit.