At TEKNOFEST 2023, the Ahi Engineer Team comprised students Kerem Yılmaz and Burak Alan, whose supervisor was Project Consultant Asst. Prof. Dr. Furkan Birdal from the Department of Civil Engineering of KAEU Faculty of Engineering - Architecture, made it to the finals in TEKNOFEST 2023. The project team passed the detailed evaluation stage with 92 points with their project titled "Highly Energy Efficiency-Environmentalist-Modular-Reinforced Earth Technological Building Design" in the Field of Environment and Energy Technologies, and they made a patent application to KAEU Technology Transfer Office.

It aimed to produce practical, environmentally friendly, and high thermal efficiency modular building systems in a short time with the new earth-bearing carrier panel elements designed in the project. Thanks to the project, it is aimed to transfer the soil structure system, which is widely found in Anatolia from the past to the present, to future generations by redesigning it with today's technology and knowledge. In the designed project, while the buildings are designed to be environmentally friendly, sustainable, energy-efficient, modular, and quickly produced, the earthquake resistance analysis and testing process of structural systems consisting of panel systems continues.

Congratulating the project team, the Rector of Kırşehir Ahi Evran University Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya said, “I congratulate the team that made it to the finals at TEKNOFEST. I hope that the project will be beneficial to our country, which has suffered a major earthquake disaster, and I wish them success in the finals. We will always continue to support all of our students and academics who work, produce, and add value to our university.”.