Kırşehir Ahi Evran University, which has been with the earthquake victims since the first day of the disaster of the century that affected Turkiye deeply, organizes various activities by carrying out social rehabilitation practices for earthquake victims who came to our city. For the children staying in Kırşehir KYK dormitories to overcome the trauma experienced, many volunteer instructors and students working in the Disaster Coordination Center established under the Health, Culture, and Sports Department of KAEU provide support to the children in the disaster. KAEU aims to help people as soon as possible through various activities and psycho-social support.

The volunteer team of KAEU works in coordination with other public institutions and organizations to organize activities for children who have difficulty coping with the fear of earthquakes and stress. Volunteer educators and students help children overcome the negative process through play therapy and group work and encourage socialization of them. Since the beginning of the process, many volunteer education teams have been working to discover and support their strengths so that children can easily overcome the negative effects of earthquakes by painting, reading, and playing traditional intelligence games. As part of the activities, teams including different volunteers continue to work in the dormitories. In addition, meetings are held at the end of the events to evaluate the work done and to receive suggestions for the process, and finally, necessary updates are provided.

Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya stated that the children had hard times, and they were carrying out various activities to help the children, who were negatively affected by the traumatic processes. Rector Karakaya stated that they did their best in terms of both in-kind assistance and food service in the region and added that they provided support to children in terms of child education and psychology, which was one of the main duties of the university.