After the great disaster, Kırşehir Ahi Evran University continues providing aid at the zone. Our university, which provided food services to earthquake victims with the mobile kitchen established in Kahramanmaraş, directed two other vehicles to Hatay-İskenderun, the other disaster area, and delivered in-kind aid to the region.

As a result of the aid campaign, our university, which first transferred 5 vehicles and 12 personnel to the region, started its activities. Our university will try to heal the wounds by providing meals to the earthquake victims for 5 days in Kahramanmaraş Nevin Gümüşer Kindergarten. Our university, which directed two other vehicles to Hatay Iskenderun, also delivered in-kind aid to the region. Rector Karakaya, who said that their support to the region would continue with Disaster Coordination Center activities and other logistics activities, thanked his team who worked hard after the disaster.