After the earthquakes that affected many of our cities, the Disaster Coordination Center of KAEU started to serve. Thanks to the center, our students in the disaster area are provided with psychological and transportation support, while at the same time, students are called one by one to get information about their status.

Kırşehir Ahi Evran University Disaster Coordination Center, which consists of volunteer faculty members and students, gives a helping hand by taking note of the wishes and needs of the students. In order to reach our students living in the earthquake zone, the center created a survey on Google and is getting the status information. It is determined what they need from the students reached, including their positions, and they are being interviewed one-on-one. Our 3250 students living in the earthquake area are called one by one and they are given information and guidance is given. In addition, with the initiatives of the Disaster Coordination Center, all kinds of support were tried to be given to the earthquake victims who came to Kırşehir together with the expert psychologists from the Turkish PCG Association and our volunteer students studying in the health departments. Our 80 volunteer students supported the aid collected at the Aşıkpaşa Sports Hall. Moreover, a transfer crossing point will be created for students at the Kırşehir terminal, and the earthquake victims will be met day and night with the shift system, and they will be directed to the places deemed necessary and settled.