The Rector of KAEU Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya was the guest on the Tercih Rehberi Program (Guide to University Preference) broadcasted on the TV Net. In the program held on July 24, 2022, Rector Karakaya talked about our university and its facilities.

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For us, Ahi-Order is a Model of Raising Human-Being

Answering the questions of the program host Esra Esen Atayeter, Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya talked about the intenseness of the preference period and noted that it was an important period for university candidate students and universities. Rector of KAEU Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya, who also mentioned the Ahi-Order Culture carried out under the leadership of Ahi Evran-ı Veli, from whom our university was named, said: "Ahi-Order is not just a model of the economy but also raising human-being". Rector Karakaya, who explained that they added the Ahi-Order Culture and Civilization course to the curriculum in 2015, also emphasized that they handed Ahi-Order values down to the youth by organizing Ahi-Order Symposiums and turning the papers into a book.

Kırşehir Ahi Evran University has Revealed the Value of Ahi-Order in the 21st Century

Rector Karakaya, who stated that they provided distance education, which has become compulsory with the pandemic process, to our students quickly via the Ahi Competence-Based Education Portal (AYDEP), added that AYDEP also gave a new direction to education with the Quality Assurance System in Education. Stating that AYDEP, the Quality Assurance System in Education developed by our university, has received a national patent from the Turkish Patent Institute, Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya said, "Kırşehir Ahi Evran University is a university that has developed Quality Assurance in Education and revealed the value of Ahi-Order in the 21st century." 

Rector Karakaya, who also touched upon the quality studies of our university, stated that they were entitled to receive the Full Institutional Accreditation Certificate for 5 years as a result of their application in 2021 to obtain the Institutional Accreditation Certificate given by THEQC. He emphasized that they took place among the universities with Institutional Accreditation in this year's preference guide thanks to the certificate.

He said that with the new understanding of CoHE, universities produced projects for the development of the region they are located in as well as their education and academic studies. The Rector of KAEU Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya talked about the projects carried out after the selection of KAEU as a pilot university in the field of agriculture and geothermal, and noted that these projects have recently started to produce results.

Rector Karakaya, who also mentioned the quota of KAEU in regard to the preference period, stated that Kırşehir Ahi Evran University was ready to host nearly 5,500 new students, including foreign student quota. Emphasizing that the facilities of KAEU were quite advanced, Rector Karakaya stated that our new students would be able to continue their university life without any problems regarding transportation, nutrition, physical space, and especially accommodation. Referring to the student exchange programs, Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya said that Kırşehir Ahi Evran University had bilateral agreements with many universities from Asia, Africa, and Europe.

At the end of the TV program, the Rector of KAEU Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya, who gave advice to the university candidate students, continued his speech as follows: “Preference is a decision, and the good decision must be rational. Our students should identify their internal competencies and determine what they like, in which field they are successful, and make their preferences accordingly.” Wishing the university candidate students success in the preference process, Rector Karakaya concluded his speech by wishing that they would make the right choice.