The Provincial Coordination Board Meeting, which was held periodically by the Kırşehir Governor's Office and where the works of the institutions and organizations of our province were shared, took place on 19 January 2022. At the meeting held in the Governorship Meeting Hall and under the chairmanship of Governor İbrahim Akın, Vice-Rector of KAEU Dr. Mustafa Kurt gave information about the development and changes in KAEU.

Giving information about the physical and general situation of Kırşehir Ahi Evran University, Vice-Rector of KAEU, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt gave information about the projects, investments, and completed buildings and explained that KAEU had grown exponentially and that our students did not have classroom problems. At the same time, Kurt said that the construction of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences continued, and noted that the construction of the faculty, which had a closed area of ​​7 thousand 500 square meters, had reached a completion rate of more than 50 percent. Deputy Rector Kurt stated that the construction of the Central Library Building continued rapidly, and significant progress had been made in its rough construction. Stating that the library would be ready for the university and the students as soon as possible, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt said that with the completion of the Central Library, which was a modern, well-equipped, and resource-rich library, the need for a library of the city and university would be met. Noting that the Ahi Evran University Mosque, which was built by taking the Seljuk architecture as an example and giving the university an aesthetic appearance, was opened for worship, Kurt thanked everyone who had contributed to the construction of the mosque.

The meeting ended with investor institution managers giving information about their activities and discussing the issues that required coordination.