KAEU Has Became One of Twelve Universities Included in the "Corporate Accreditation Program" by YÖKAK
Kırşehir Ahi Evran University became one of the twelve universities in the "Institutional Accreditation Program", which is implemented by the Higher Education Quality Board (YÖKAK) in the field of higher education in Turkey, in 2021. Within the scope of the "Institutional Accreditation Program" implemented by YÖKAK in the field of higher education in Turkey, the applications to the institutional accreditation program of twelve universities, including KAEU, were approved this year.

It is aimed to increase contributions of universities in Turkey at the national level and their visibility in the world via the Institutional Accreditation Program, which enables the universities to be evaluated in terms of quality assurance system, education, research and development, social contribution, and administrative process.

After the meeting between the evaluation teams formed by YÖKAK for the Institutional Accreditation Program; the evaluation will be carried out in three phases: preliminary visit, remote visit, and face-to-face visit. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the preliminary visit to the university within the scope of the Institutional Accreditation Program will be made remotely, and the field visit will be carried out using a mixed evaluation method between October and December. In the evaluations, the universities will be assessed regarding the headings of quality assurance system, education, research and development, social contribution, and management systems based on 22 criteria and 56 sub-criteria parameters over 1000 points  As a result of the evaluation made by the evaluation team, the Institutional Accreditation Report will be prepared. According to the evaluation to be made by YÖKAK; a university with a score of 650 and above will be given “full accreditation” for 5 years, and a university with a score between 500 and 649 will be given “conditional accreditation” for two years.

Rector Karakaya: “We Are Among the Universities Leading the Field of Higher Education in Turkey”

Making a statement on the subject, Rector of KAEU Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya stated that they have closely followed the changes and institutional development processes in the field of Turkish Higher Education and that they are among the leading universities in the field of higher education in Turkey. Rector Karakaya asserted that with the projects they have implemented, they aim to make Kırşehir Ahi Evran University a higher education institution that contributes to the region, society, science, and humanity, and trains the qualified manpower of the future. Rector Karakaya pointed out that the physical infrastructure of the university is growing day by day and that the university has grown four times since the day he took office and the classroom needs of the students were met.

Rector Karakaya: “We Carry out the Process with Expert Academic and Administrative Staff”

Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya also gave information about the Integrated Quality Management System (BKYS) and emphasized that the workflows and processes of the university have been constantly registered and stated that they have formed a team of expert academic and administrative staff for the comprehensive progress of the process. Explaining that the process performances of the units are reported periodically and reviewed by the upper management, Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya emphasized that the authorized units and personnel are working for the healthy functioning of the quality process. Karakaya also stated that they set an example for many public institutions and organizations with the Integrated Quality Management System they originally developed. At the end of his speech, Rector Karakaya stated that they are happy that their application for the YÖKAK “Corporate Accreditation Program” was approved. He thanked all his teammates who contributed to the work.

Coordinatorship of Quality Management